APPNA Executive Committee

Ahmed Ali, M.D.

Immediate Past-President
M. Atthar Naeem, M.D.

President Elect | 2021
Tariq Jawaid Alam, M.D.

General Secretary
Amana Nasir, M.D.

Mohd Naseer Uddin, M.D.

Members at Large
Tariq Tanoli, M.D.
Sumbul Miraj, M.D.
Ayaz Ahmad, M.D.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Chair: Nadeem Ahmed M.D.
Co-Chair: Zafar Quader M.D.


Zia M. Ahmad M.D.
Ishaq Chishti M.D.
Sajid Zafar M.D.

President: Muhammad Umair Ali, M.D.

We the physicians of Pakistani descent, out of our conviction for our profession do hereby proclaim the establishment of the APPNA Chapter of Greater St. Louis so that collectively we all can uphold ethical and moral values, engage in social and professional activities, and support educational and intellectual pursuits.
To this effect, we hereby set forth and enact the following laws governing the Chapter, which shall be binding on each and all of us in totality, until and unless properly amended by the provisions herein.

Written and developed by:

Chair: Nadeem Ahmed M.D., Co-Chair: Zafar Quader M.D.
Members: Zia M. Ahmad MD, Ishaq Chishti MD, Sajid Zafar M.D.

President: Muhammad Umair Ali, M.D.

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