APPNA Executive Committee

President 2023
Sumbul Meraj, M.D.

President-Elect | 2023
Ayaz Ahmad, M.D.

General Secretary
Farrukh S. Malik, M.D

Reema Syed, M.D.

Immediate Past-President
Amana Nasir, M.D.

Haseena Ali, M.D.
Asim Ayaz, M.D.

Welcome to APPNA Greater St. Louis Chapter

Amana Nasir, MD

Dear Greater Saint Louis Community!

The 2023 year is a new beginning after a long, persistent battle with COVID-19, which affected all of us in ways we cannot easily express. We fought together, some of us at the frontline, including physicians like myself. Being an Infectious Diseases physician, I witnessed the turmoil and disturbance within our community and our admirable ability to strive for recovery from this long-lasting event. We physicians and healthcare workers appreciate your support and help through these tough times. The pandemic and its aftermath, as I learned in my line of work, were trying times for all physicians; we saw people face many hardships, some being our own, and worked endlessly to ensure that our patients and the people we served were healthy and safe. I am sure this took a toll on everyone to an extent, as the calamity of COVID-19 was overwhelming for not only health professionals, but civilians, and the entire nation.

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