APPNA Executive Committee

President 2022
Amana Nasir, M.D.

President-Elect | 2022
Sumbul Meraj, M.D.

General Secretary
Farrukh Malik, M.D.

Ayaz Ahmad, M.D.

Immediate Past-President
Tariq Jawaid Alam, M.D., FAAN

Faiza Bhatti, M.D.
Reema Syed, M.D.

Tariq Jawaid Alam, M.D.

President's Message

Dear members and colleagues in St Louis,

Dear APPNA -STL family and friends,

What a year, or really, past few years it’s been!

As humanity, we have seen grave heartbreak with COVID-19 related loss of loved ones, seen joy with scientific breakthroughs and vaccine development and survived all this with HOPE!

Every single one of us has felt this pressure and tried to cope the best we can; however, the mind is not a machine that can be reset and rebooted so easily. That is why, my goal is to work with our APPNA-STL team to implement methods to facilitate resilience, recovery and mental health awareness in our community.

Being a Pediatric provider, a mother and community worker I am saddened to see our children suffer, possibly the most through all this, burdened by the ailments of current world affairs. The scenes, sounds and info-bits that are racing through their media feeds and subsequently their minds is over whelming. Physician burnout, women’s health issues and racial health care disparities also continue to plague us.

The task ahead is daunting, yet not impossible. We will chip away at this iceberg……TOGETHER!

I am honored to work alongside a dedicated and service- driven APPNA-STL executive committee. We will, of course, continue to build on the efforts of our predecessors at APPNA-STL achievements: the clinics, the vaccination efforts, blood drives and more.

There is a mental health crisis brewing the United States. Adults and children in our community are not immune to it. All evidence points to suicide attempts being twice more common today than a few years ago. We will focus a fair amount of energy and planning towards sustainable programs for youth and adult mental health.

A pilot mental health workshop being planned by APPNA-STL this year will hopefully be replicated around the country through APPNA chapters; serving three clear purposes 1) raise mental health awareness in parents and youth, 2) increase community youth participation and leadership in APPNA programs 3) data gathered at these workshops will help shape a plan of action customized to our community.

Our strength is in numbers and numbers bring about change; increasing APPNA membership will remain an ongoing goal and I hope to host the newly matched St. Louis medical residents to welcome them and introduce them to this family and support.

APPNA -STL will strive to spread joy and in turn HOPE, with community engagement and festivities. Our beloved Pakistan will celebrate 75 years of Independence. We will work to bring a meaningful program to showcase Pakistan and also Pakistanis’ contribution to our treasured homeland of America.

I am excited for this year and for the seeds of hope we plant. Please reach out with your suggestions and ideas and ENGAGE!

Warm regards.

Amana Nasir, M.D.
President, 2022
Greater St Louis Chapter of APPNA

Pakistan Zindabad! God bless America.